Tuesday, November 29, 2011


This is my pup Louis Bear, he is originally from Bayside Brooklyn and he is a Chinese Imperial Shih Tzu. I love his colors! He is a pain in the butt, but he is cute.

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Baseball Jacket SS10

I really wish that this B.O.O Baseball Jacket was a bigger size because I would've been on it like white on rice. It is available now on Ebay.com for another day starting bid is @ $199.99 and buy it now for $399.99. It belonged to the Spring/Summer 2010 collection and is a size SMALL.

GIRL Striped Skirt AW11

This new girl. silk Striped asymmetric Skirt just arrived @ Barneys.com for $330. It is fully lined and has a zipper on the side. Made in Italy.

Sunday, November 27, 2011


This looks like a BOO Lookbook shot! This is a vintage grade school photo from the 1980's in I believe Sweden. Love the plaid and stripes as well as the footwear!

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Crown Blue Virgin Wool Blazer AW11

If you know me by now then you would know that royal blue is one of my favorite colors so this royal blue virgin wool Blazer with the white stitching is right up my alley! This is another piece that is on my Christmas list. Available now @ theCorner.com on sale for $690 originally $1100.

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Mini Black Watch Shirt AW11

This new mini Black Watch Shirt from Band of Outsiders is on my Christmas list as of today! Available now @ OakNYC.com for $201.60 originally $288 and Barneys.com for $290.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Basquiat because Band is all about the colors and going against the grain! My rule of thumb is there are no rules in fashion/style so don't follow them and who are "they" anyways ie. you know what "they" say or "they" say that ..... The hell with them is what I say!

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Double Breasted Blazer in Dark Blue AW11

I'm dying for a double breasted blazer these days and hopefully this one here will somehow appear in my closet in the near future. Available now @ TresBienShop.net for $1220.

BOY. Shawl Blazer AW11

This new BOY. Shawl Blazer is such a standout piece and is available now @ Barneys.com for $1100.

Sunday, November 20, 2011


I love the Fall and this is what it looks like by my house in New York (well it used to since all the leaves have officially fallen off the trees)! It is such an inspirational time for artists with all those beautiful colors that is so pleasing to the eyes. It is also the best time for getting dressed up! Sweaters, cords, heavy jeans, sportcoats, boots and cool outerwear what else can you ask for.


I can't really tell if this jacket is intended for men or women because of the cropping but either way I love the color royal blue and the cream colored toggles just works! Available now @ Barneys.com for $2150.


Usher was spotted in NYC this week wearing the Band of Outsiders Leather Harrington Jacket ($1725) and Striped Crewneck Sweater ($350) both from the new Fall/Winter 2011 Collection. Finally I see a look that he is wearing that doesn't anger me! Being a stylist this can be frustrating seeing somebody of that status actually paying someone to dress them fail so miserably at it so this is where the anger stems from. He actually is dressing his age with this look. Stylish yet classic!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Forget the message, I just like this picture!


The other day I was watching 'How to make it in America' on HBO (Season 2/Ep. 15 to be exact) and noticed Scott 'Kid Cudi' Mescudi wearing one of my favorite polos ever made, the THIS IS NOT A POLO Leroy Grannis Polo shirt from Spring/Summer 2011. They retailed around $400 a piece and my crazy behind bought 2 of them (actually the other two pictured above in black on the left and baby blue on the right). For that much maybe I should be on TV too! They were worth it because the piece itself is an actual piece of art. I'm considering getting them framed actually.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I can't wait for the Band of Outsiders Jeans (shown above) to be released from their new Spring/Summer 2012 Collection. They have a very clean crisp look to them and the shade of blue is perfect with their vintage 70's look that they are known for.

BAND OF OUTSIDERS S/S 2010 Collection Favorite Looks

These are my favorite looks from the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection including the footwear! I want all four looks from head to toe and I don't care what season or year they are from. I never cared about that factor if it looks good buy it is my motto. These looks are so perfect! I love double-breasted jackets!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


A little yellow sunshine to brighten up this dreary Sunday! I have these and they get a lot of attention. Available now @ SperryTopsider.com for $175.


A little Marilyn for today!

Friday, November 11, 2011

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Light Grey Wool Mountain Parka AW10

I love this Parka from the Band of Outsiders Fall/Winter 2010 Collection in a light grey wool melton shell with a light grey gingham pattern lining. I found one recently on Ebay for a great price and I can't wait for it to come in. It retailed for $2095 I believe and it was my favorite look from the collection when I first saw the pictures.

Sunday, November 6, 2011


On B.O.O's blog for THIS IS NOT A POLO SHIRT, they feature Vintage pics of famous people preferrably actors and musicians rocking old school polos and this is just my addition to it! Chevy Chase reminds me a lot of my dad from all of the National Lampoons movies. Here he is in a cool baby blue fitted polo (not RL) and khaki colored jeans with the 80's blonde bombshell Christie Brinkley. Band needs to get Chevy to do a lookbook, I think he would kill it. Chevy, Steve Martin and Bill Murray are my suggestions!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2011 Show Pic

A little behind the scenes shot of the Band of Outsiders Spring/Summer 2011 Show. These are all the looks ready for the models to throw right on from head to toe!

Friday, November 4, 2011

THIS NOT A POLO SHIRT L/S Polo in Green/Cream Stripes AW11

This new Long Sleeve Polo Shirt from THIS IS NOT A POLO SHIRT is a cool vintage look in green/cream stripes and is available now @ BergdorfGoodman.com for $230. Bergdorf is the only store carrying this particular shirt.

BOY. Red Schoolboy Blazer

Try a little pop of red with this new BOY. Schoolboy Blazer with navy stitching! Available now for pre-order @ Barneys.com for $1010.

BOY. Stripe Panel Dress

This BOY Dress sure is sexy! Aqua stripes on white, you can't go wrong! Available now for pre-order @ Barneys.com for $525.