Wednesday, December 26, 2012


Just got this bad boy in time for Christmas all the way from the UK! It is a B.O.O Camel Coat that was sold at Barneys last year for $2290. I found it on Ebay of course because it isn't available anywhere else. I'm not sure if it is made of camel hair or cashmere because it feels like cashmere and I brought it to my tailor and he told me cashmere. Whatever it is all I know that this is the best coat that I've ever owned quality-wise and I have an extensive coat collection from the best of the best including Burberry. This is why I can't say no to B.O.O!!!

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Spring 2013 Collection Preview

Here is a little sneak peak into what is in store for the new Spring 2013 Collection and I likes! I just hope that B.O.O gets there online store up and running again with exclusive pieces that other stores don't carry. I also hope that there is a plan for new footwear as well. Hopefully made in the US or Italy like their clothing. I want that Polo and shorts so I can rock them together!

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Khaki Brushed Twill Pants with Knit Cuffs AW12

Merry Christmas everyone! I found these cool Brushed Twill Pants with Knit Cuffs in a khaki color with dark green and white stripe waist band and cuffs. But they only carry them in Japan lucky them!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


I am sad to say that the Band of Outsiders Sperry Topsider collaboration is officially discontinued after 5 seasons. I got the official word from Sperry Topsider themselves but if you haven't noticed there wasn't any Fall/Winter releases recently so treasure the ones that you do have. Hopefully BOO has something up their sleeves for next season I guess we have to wait for February to find out (@ NYFW)!