Friday, May 18, 2012

BAND OF OUTSIDERS Olive Anorak Parka SS11

I just recently picked up this very cool light olive Band Of Outsiders Anorak Parka to help fight off all this rain that has hit the Northeast this month and it is a very special piece! Although I do wish that it had side pockets instead of the top pockets seen in pic 3 but it is a wonderfully crafted jacket made in Italy in a brushed cotton, it almost feels suede. It is still available @ for $325 in size 40. The show presentation of this jacket (shown right above) didn't do any justice to showing how great looking this jacket really is.


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  2. How'd you size this vs. your BoO shirt size?

    1. A 40/L fits small so I would've preferred a size larger and I'm a medium regularly. A BOO shirt I would usually buy in a large or XL.

  3. Thank you. So just to clear up, you're a TTS medium and went with a 40/L in this? Any pictures of you in it?