Friday, February 8, 2013


There were 20 looks this season and they look damn good! Not too costumey and wearable pieces my favorite being the corduroy hooded pullover jacket, corduroy camel coat with red/blue pocket trim and the green wool reefer coat with the navy collar. The burgundy cord suit is also very cool and looks good with the red shirt and tie. A lot people don't notice how cool burgundy and fire red look together. The collection was inspired by the notion of urban utopia, maps, globes and architect Oscar Neimeyer's Brasilia. I'm not a fan of black because black is worn on a daily basis all over the city streets and I find it dull/boring but his looks in black are none of the above. That black wool overcoat pictured above is really special with a waist belt. The black map tie is pretty special too! No new footwear this season too (booooo) but I hope in the future they will do something for us. I featured a bunch of shirts from their new collection worth checking out and a closer look at that tie. Enjoy!

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