Sunday, July 29, 2012


This summer I have been obsessing over this Ming green color that is in so many pieces of the BOO S/S 2012 Collection! I own every single piece that they make containing this color. Ming green is a very aqua-ish color that I am so attracted to. I am super obsessed with green lately and this color is just one of those shades that I must have. I've included images that reminded me of the color from Ben Stiller's fake undercover character from the Starsky and Hutch movie from a few years back known for his "Do it, Do it!" phrase. Those M&M's are new mint flavored and the color of the bag is definitely ming green. That Boba Fett Lego clock is one of my birthday presents from my girlfriend that has a cool mix of greens, blues, maroon, grey and black. The beautiful picture of the Cinque area in Italy has some houses with ming green shutters. Last but not least is Kermit the frog in a BOO Varsity Jacket in Ming green with the Ming green Sperry's pictured in pic 1.

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