Monday, July 2, 2012


So the Longest Show Ever concluded this past Friday and these were my favorite looks out of 25! Of course they are the most wearable looks because lets face it who really wants to look like a peacocking clown not me. Take it from me these are definitely the best looks. Picture 3 look 2 from above is my favorite in a cool grey windowpane suit with denim henley and navy penny's will definitely get you some. I also like the grey pullover with matching pants both in a suit pants material.


  1. I really wish they'd evolve a little more. I love BoO, but feel that after following them for so long, it's beginning to get repetitive. Also, I REALLY wish they'd bring back the classic trench like they used to make. I don't get the zip-up at all.

  2. I hear you! This is kind of what they do from season to season just change the color of the exact same pieces that they release every single season but they're classic pieces is what sells. I have so much of the stuff that I don't feel a need to buy any of the new stuff unless it is really good. I look for older stuff online.

  3. Where do you buy stuff? I buy/sell a lot in style forum. I actually am about to list this in a size 3: if you're interested, email me ( You don't happen to have two s/s ago leather bomber do you?